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The case-action blaster fires 3 darts at once! The Nerf Elite Shellstrike Blaster comes with a folding mechanism to insert a sleeve into the blaster - simply unlock the bolt and the blaster swings open. Then a case is inserted, the blaster is closed again, and you are ready for the battle. A triple dart hail flies through the air after pulling the handle back and pulling the trigger. It comes with 6 Nerf Elite darts and 2 sleeves, each holding up to 3 darts. The 2 cases can be stored directly on the blaster and are immediately at hand when it comes to quickly reloading the blaster: remove the empty case, insert a full case and the action continues! This Nerf Elite Blaster is just the right size for indoor and outdoor games and the soft darts make the battle even more fun. The official Nerf darts have been tested for performance and quality and are made of foam material and flexible, hollow tips.


искусство Мылтык Nerf
түс blue / orange
Төмөн 5010993637638
Manufacturer жок. E6170EU5
катар N-Strit Elite
Мазмун / жабдыктар N-Strike Elite ShellStrike DS-6 Blaster, 2 Elite Shells, 6 Elite Darts
Жашы сунуш 8 жылдан баштап
максаттуу топ School children, teenagers, adults
буюм пластик
Эскертүү билдирүүлөрү Эскертүү: 36 айга чейинки балдарга ылайыктуу эмес!
  Эскертүү: Жутуп кетиши мүмкүн болгон кичинекей бөлүктөрдүн кесепетинен тумчугуп калуу коркунучу!
  Warning: do not aim at eyes or face!
  To Avoid Injury: Only use darts or arrows specifically designed for this product. Do not modify darts, arrows or blasters. The firing ranges are estimates and are based on test data. Actual results from the blaster will vary based on the condition of the darts and other factors.
салмак 550 гр


(Азырынча карап чыгуулар жок) Сын-пикир жазуу